Shelley The Republican » Linux: A European threat to our computers

And if want a further example of the fanatical extreme right, take a look at this post which perports that now Linux itself is part of the European-left centric attack against American dominance.

Like most things that are worth owning, Computers are an American invention. Look at any modern computer and you will see that the whole thing is the product of American brilliance. For example, this rugged IBM laptop I am using was designed and built by an American company. It runs software built by Microsoft, one of America’s most productive organizations. My computer does everything I could possibly want: I can do my work, submit my taxes and even search the Bible. Like all the greatest American engineering, it’s an example of innovation that makes a growing group of European and Chinese hackers jealous. They hate our lead in computing technology and will stop at nothing until they have control of all of our computers.
I’m talking about a project called ‘Linux’, something you may not have encountered, but might do some day. It’s a computer program that was initially developed in Finland as a means of circumventing valuable copyrights and patents owned by an American company called SCO Group. Unlike Windows, which is a mature commercial product which is normally included with every new computer, Linux is given away. Now it may not sound like much of a problem, after all there is very little profit in merely giving a product away. This would be certainly true were in not for the Linux project’s seductive Marxist ideology and the effect that it has on ‘Blue-State’ liberals. Indeed, Linux is so pervasive amongst the blue states and many liberal universities that a leading computer expert Steve Balmer (from Microsoft) described Linux as cancer. The American software industry is worth more than $7 Billion; Introducing a foreign product like Linux which is often copied for free could threaten that entire industry. A generation of computer users might get use to accepting foreign software hand-outs rather than paying for a superior American products. If only the danger were just to our economy

When wil people like these simply understand that innovation, choice, and demand is what’s best for this or any industry. To leave out competition and innovation, we would be left to the devices of examples like our American auto industry from the mid 70’s to the late 90’s. I personally use Linux, for many things, and the reasons are numerous. It’s not because I want to see Microsoft fail, it’s mainly because it want softwar on my terms, I will not be dictated to on what I need, how I should run it or how it should perform. Now there are also applications to which I do use MIcrosoft products for, and gladly pay for them…Outlook and Onenote. And bythe way, to say that Linux contributes to Al Quada and terrorism shows just how out of touch this person is, and how disconnected from the realm of global society.

What’s troubling is some of the comments posted on the site, in support of these “claims”. Obviously, showing their immaturity and naiveté in business and culture, these are probably some 20 and early 30 year olds who probably don’t have a passport, never did well in history and are msot likely armchair flagwaving patriots that have never been in uniform…

As a side note to show that I’m not opposing this article based on political and religious affiliations, I’m a republican (in name anyway, because I have no clue what my party has become lately), and I’m a Christian in the sense that I try every day to follow Christ’s teachings, as opposed to the hijacked religion itself.

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Shelley The Republican » Linux: A European threat to our computers