Touching up the Cabin Sole

Was thinking of the tedius process of varnishing teh cabin sole but got a pretty good tip. Instead, gently sand with 400 grit sandpaper just to remove any ground-in debree. Next wipe clean with a mixture of 1/4 vinegar to 3/4 water and let dry.

The product, Restor-a-Finish is recommended becauuse you can use it to put on top of finishes. Simply wipe on, I used cheese cloth and let dry. Apply a second coat, wiping off excess and let dry again. When all done, should restore a bit of lustre to the sole.

Just something to do on a rainy weekend when you want to get your mind off of things, mainly boats headed south for the winter 😉

Updated the Nav Station

Major upgrade as I added an additional chartplotter at the nav station. Got another Axiom 9 so no longer relying on the iffy Ray Wifi which would drop connection due to interference. Only thing left is to add the RayNet highspeed network so I can mirror the Navionics chards and get radar down below. Loving the new layout.


Hemispheres Gets Another Addition

Well, finally pulled the trigger on the ParaSailor. I’ve only been looking at it for three years now. I have an asymmetrical spinnaker and a symmetrical spinnaker. The asym I cannot by myself, with some work. The symmetrical, I need another set of hands and since I single hand, not happening, especially since I also have to rig a pole.

The ParaSailor is a unique downwind and off the wind chute that includes a baffle to let air escape and is automatically adjusted via the wind speed. this allow it to be flowing greater winds, 20+ knots with gusts up to 30. Dousing just requires heading downwind, release the sheets and slack the guy lines, then drop the sock.

And here’s what she will look like under sail. Oh yes, getting the lime green colored scheme shown above. Looking forward to flying this.