Starting back up

It’s been so long since playing the drums and my shoulder is doing better with therapy for the partial tear in the tendon. I’m left handed and play lefthanded so it’s my lead and power arm. Weird as when I fist played as  kid, I played right handed but just didn’t feel natural enough.

Upon playing, I came to the realizationt hat using pads are annoying, doesn’t give the same feel and action and drums are LOUD in a residental neighborhood, and not in the mood to hear that grumpy ol’ lady behind me complain or call the police. Yup, I said that. So anyway, taking the pads off and yup, they’re really loud, louder thatn I can remember but the action off the heads felt great. So I’m thinking, maybe an electronic set using those new mesh heads would help, so off to the drum store and saw these.


Ignore the price because I wasn’t getting this model What interested me was the mesh heads and the drum meister asked why not just use the new Remo mesh heads made for acoustic shells? They’re up to 90% quieter. Sounds pretty cool to the point that I said that I’d still have the problem with the cymbals. To which he says, why not look at the quiet cymbals? Silent Cymbals? Yes, both Sabian ans Zildgian make them now. Me: how come I didnt get the memo? So after doing some review, watching youtube reviews and demos, decided on the Sabian Quiettone cymbals and the Remo heads.

Went over to the mecca of Drums, 2112 in Raleigh to work with them but first, drooled over that Pearl kit and for a brief moment and almost did something stupid.

So the new Sabians are in and the Sabian B8 Pro’s replaced along with the heads. I have to say, they react just like regular heads, great action and response. I can actually play and speak, hearing myself without any ear protection, but of course, will still use them. Demo video coming soon. These are great, loving them. Not to continue to do the motion exercises for my shoulder and retrain my memory muscles, especially my left wrist.


When The Truth Is The Truth

So our president is siding with the Saudis because they send hundreds of millions of dollars on defense from us? Nope, just $14B, a drop in the bucket for them. Even though the CIA and the global community clearly knows that the crown prince knew and probably ordered it, our president doesn’t believe it. So what could be the reason why he supports the Saudis? Maybe it has something to do with his real estate dealings with them, after all, they do buy millons in luxury appartments from him, can’t disrupt that flow. #TrumpieFirstAmericaSecond…

Notice that you don’t really hear any trumpies speaking up about this. It must be their shift time to stick their heads in the sand….

Touching up the Cabin Sole

Was thinking of the tedius process of varnishing teh cabin sole but got a pretty good tip. Instead, gently sand with 400 grit sandpaper just to remove any ground-in debree. Next wipe clean with a mixture of 1/4 vinegar to 3/4 water and let dry.

The product, Restor-a-Finish is recommended becauuse you can use it to put on top of finishes. Simply wipe on, I used cheese cloth and let dry. Apply a second coat, wiping off excess and let dry again. When all done, should restore a bit of lustre to the sole.

Just something to do on a rainy weekend when you want to get your mind off of things, mainly boats headed south for the winter 😉