Researchers Created Tiny Camera Backpacks for Beetles

Every year, companies like GoPro manage to pack more and more functionality into smaller and smaller action cameras that are less obtrusive to wear. But a team of researchers from the University of Washington has managed to build a live-streaming wireless camera that’s so small even an insect can wear it.

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How Trump Could Lose the Election—And Still Remain President | Opinion

A very interesting read…

It’s possible only a “people’s firewall” can prevent President Donald Trump from bringing “The Plot Against America” to life.
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For audiophiles debating RoonLabs

I use and love Roon, it’s the audiophiles dream for digital content. It’s expensive and that gets debated but just came across the best explaination of it’s worth ever. If you remember vinyl and spending hours in the wrekastow” [record store], this quote will definitely resonate with you.

I think there are two situations where it can be helpful: when streaming from tidal (I don’t think they have Spotify integration?), and if you have a very large music library stored locally. I’ve looked into it briefly, and it’s a bit like being in a record shop with a passionate nerdy owner who tells you: “Did u know that Jaco Pastorius recorded THAT album at the same time, but due to label politics it couldn’t be released until two years later? Here, u actually have it stored here, and it’s on tidal as well, let me show it to you“.

That alone explains it’s $599 price tag…..