The Chef is Back!

been tearing it up the last few days.

Codfish with tomatoes, onions, cabbage and plantains.

The Instant Pot has been getting a run through the paces also. Can’t have enough red peppers, seasonings, apple cider vinegar and onions in there.

Also took a run at creatin my own Vietnamese Pho. It was meh, needs some work on the broth mwhich pretty much makes the meal.

Ah, and lets not forget the fully vegan pizza with the califlower crust.

The Delta One Suite

This is the third trip flying on Delta One, their business class offering aboard the Airbus A350, their new flagship longhaul carrier. Still impressed with the suite. It’s reltively spacious for the average sized person, comfortable and easy to use and navigate around. Innovative how the the seat completely lays flat to a bed, extending under the desk space of the suite in front.

Is it worth the price? Depends. I flew premium comfort which has a reasonable recliner to 45 degrees along with the footrest that also reclines up. But 13 hours is long and on a longhaul flight, to me, Delta One is worth it when you can catch it on special.