My New Site Theme

I’m trying out this new theme called Kubrick, version 1.2.5. Let me know what you think. I think it’s much easier on the eyes …

2 thoughts on “My New Site Theme

  1. Like the new theme, much better.
    You should make the blog the default homepage, or at least change the tab from Portal to Blog.

    Currently struggling between using Drupal or WordPress from my new blog/space.

  2. Yeah, I changed it to “My Blog” but I want to retain my homepage. I will be re-doing my homepage shortly to add some life to it. I don’t want my blog as the main page because it’s only a part of my overall site and not the focal point. I’ve just added a technical board using PunBB where I can post/document all of tech issues. I’m trying to avoid deploying a full CMS like Drupal until I have a need for it.

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