Amusements on the "A" Train

But first the “J” train. We get on at Norwood Ave, and what do we have? A foul mouthed rapper rapping for money. With our departure at Broadway, we doubt he would be raising any money for his efforts. So next we get on the “A” train at Broadway. As soon as we hit Manhattan, two guys, two stools and three congas appear. It figures they would sit right in front of me. Good rhythms but no dollar from me. Now, my aunt, who’s one of those Canadians coughs up a dollar for them.

Now on the way back to Brooklyn and on the “A” train. Right around 149th street, some guy starts giving out food to homeless folks, and is asking for donations for his organization. He gives a food package to a homeless guy sitting near me. Never mind that everyone on the train forgot that they both got on at 168th street, but at different ends of the train car, or maybe people did notice. Now back at Broadway where we pick up the “J” train. For money, you can hear about your salvation and your personal relationship with Christ.

There’s always fun on the “A” train…