Taking the plunge

ourhome Well, we did it. We’ve finally taken the plunge into building a new home. We figured we’d better do it now before home prices get out of our reach. This is the artist’s view of what it will look like when it’s done. Basically, this room is focused around the kitchen and breakfast area, where most of the money will go. Then there’s my hangout, the basement. Yup, a basement. Being from the north, we couldn’t live without it any longer.

2 thoughts on “Taking the plunge

  1. You should take a couple of pictures of your lot, before it is cleared, and then take more and progress begins on your house. Trust me, it provide a very good retrospect.
    On the basement…I am waiting for the raised floor and the bean-bag chairs. 😉
    What is this “we” being from the north. Somehow I seem to remember your wife being from Fayettville, NC. And both your children were boorn here (in NC) as well. Last time I checked, NC was part of the South. With 3/4 of the “we” being from the South, and you now sopping biscuits and molasses…..that makes the “we” southern. 😉

  2. Lisa is from the north, but just won’t admit it. She was born and spent her early years in Philly.

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