Be Patriotic and Support America … buy Japanese

Oh yeah, here we go….. back on my rampage of the “American” car industry.

Let’s say you have a high degree of patrism, or feel that to be patriotic, you have to buy “American”. If so, here’s a tip. The Nissan Titan has ~85% of its parts manufactured right here in the good ‘ol US of A. That’s the highest percentage of any “American” made vehicle. Also, the vehicle is assembled in Mississippi.

So, using these metrics, the Nissan Titan should be considered the most patriotic vehicle in America. Not Ford and not Chevy, but Nissan. So if you are concerned about the american worker and the loss of automobile manufacturing jobs going to Mexico, buy the new line of vehicles that are manufactured and assembled right here in the USA.

Nissan, BMW, Toyota, Honda ….. the new face of American Patriotism.

2 thoughts on “Be Patriotic and Support America … buy Japanese

  1. Well, fact, I am a Linux fan and you are posting your comments to a Linux solution. Also factual, buying Japanese vehicles built in America supports more Americans (per capita) than purchasing Ford or GM who manufactures a significant amount of parts and assembles outside the US…

    For example, the Nissan Titan vs the Ford F150 or Dodge Ram. Per assembled vehicle, which supports more American jobs?

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