The Best of Customer Support

So. I had a Giganews news server account and one day I was having problems retreiving headers. It would start, and midway through the header refresh, it would just stop. I’d disconnect and reconnect and it did the same thing, even on different groups. So I decided to open a support case from their website. Bad idea. After opening the ticket, I get this email:

Mr. Nelson,

We have researched this issue and can not find anything wrong with your unlimited account. It does not appear that we can resolve this issue to your satisfaction. I have instructed the billing department to cancel your account and issue you a refund to your credit card. We regret that we could not reach a better conclusion to this situation.

Thank you.
Giganews Support Manager

Did I just get blown off and they canceled my account? Can’t be. I didn’t ask for my account to be cancelled, I just wanted an answer to the problem and if there was a temporary network issue. And actually, that evening the problem went away, then later that night I couldn’t connect at all. So I responded to “Jonathan”.

Jonathan, whatever the problem was seems to have gone away as headers retreive fine now. Also, who said anything about cancelling my account? Is that why I can no longer connect?

Still waiting for a response from Giganews support. Now I use It’s $10 less and just as reliable.

One thought on “The Best of Customer Support

  1. I dropped GigaNews for a similar issue. They did not however cancel my account as a resolution. (LOL) They just stated the same thing you quotes from them above – we have check and we can find nothing wrong…yada, yada, yada….

    My solution was to move to Usenetserver, which I have been happy with ever since. It just works! 🙂

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