Hydrogen, our savior?

Hydrogen, our savior. The ultimate solution to greatly reduce our needs for fossil fuels. So, here’s my rant.

Hydrogen is by far the most abundant property in the universe, note: the universe. So how do we get hydrogen? Well, we have some options, we can send up the space shuttle to scoop it up in space with a yet to be invented hydrogen scooper. But since it costs around $10,000 per pound to send something into space, that wouldn’t be to economical. Our next option would be to revert to our favorite 8th grade science experiment. The Hoffman Apperatus, but build tens of thousands on a very masive scale. Now, to run those, you’ll need electricity. Hmmm, how do we make electricity? We have nuclear power, but we have this little issue about what to do with all that waste. Oh, we’ll just increase our oil, coal and gas consumption to generate the electricity to make hydrogen for our vehicles that will reduce our oil consumption.

Guess where I’m going with this is that we need a full, compete national energy policy where the private sector and our government work hand in hand to crate a solution. Not just a bunch of corporations looking for further government welfare to help their bottom line, and milk out as much as possible from our infrastructure before it collapses.

I’m a proponent of nuclear power, and with all the scientists in the world, I’m sure if they actually checked their egos at the door and tackled this problem, we could truly have something for nothing. Unlimited power and fuels, with little or no pollution and waste. Think about it, is it really that unrealistic to have a country that generates 100% of their electricity from nuclear power? Don’t the French do that today, or are close to it?