IBM Software – OS/2 Warp – Farewell

os2warpWell, it’s finally come. IBM has officially put the nail in the coffin for our beloved OS. Somewhere out there in Raleigh, is an “OS2GURU” on suicide watch.

Ah, the days of the workplace shell, PMMail, WinCim for OS2, and yes, that cursed config.sys file. It was the best and worst configuration file ever written. IT was our savior, it was powerful, configurable and made sense. But when you put something in out of order, it was your worst nightmare, with countless reboots to get it right. But this system rocked for it’s day, it was very stable, rarely crashed, was the leader in the 32bit desktop worls as far as technology but it just never really caught on outside tech circle and handcuffed IBM customers using CommManager/2.

It’s ashame that IBM never really didn’t give OS/2 due diligence, and allowing the market to come it to a 16-bit Windows OS instead of hammering the message home, and following up with a wealth of applications.
IBM Software – OS/2 Warp – Product Overview

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