Corporate Communication Annoyances

What is it with corporate folks that give them the urge to send you an email to notify you that they just left you a voicemail, or leave you a voicemail notifying you that they sent you an email? And now, a new one, you get an Instant Message notifying you that the person is ABOUT to send you an email …..

Hmm, I’m pondering a new approach. When people ask me why I haven’t responded to their communicay, I’ll just reply, “Did you follow that up with a voicemail or email?”

One thought on “Corporate Communication Annoyances

  1. You are not alone. I cannot say I have the exact same problem, but similar. I generally get an IM first, if i do not respond quickly enough, then I get phone call, to which I usually do not pick up, so they leave voicemail, and then five minutes later an email arrives in my inbox.
    Having previously worked where you now work – I would suggest it is part of the accepted corporate culture. Cross your finger and pray that this new acquisition will overwrite things with a new and improved corporate culture. 😉

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