The Gas Prices …

gasprice Well, well, well. Think we’ll get used to these prices? We have been for over a year now. And just think, our new energy policy gives massive tax credits to petro companies because their ovewhelming balance sheets aren’t showing a 100% year over year increase in profits. Then the taxpayer will throuw in a little extra, like pay for the infrastructure to allow petro companies to gain access to oil on federal lands. And oh yeah, we’ll probably lease the land to them for about $2 per year.

One thought on “The Gas Prices …

  1. I heard an interesting comment from a seemingly well-educated fellow on CSPAN the other day. (Yeah, I was bored and channel surfing.)

    Some to the reaons for the American invasion of Iraq are debateable, however, one is not. The reasons the countries of the Middle East are of strategic importance to the US is because of the oil that they have and export to us. For example, much more terrible things have been going on for decades in Africian countries. Have to committed billions of dollars in resources and US troops – no. Why? They are not of any strategic importance. However, if huge reserves of oil were suddenly discovered…that might change rather quickly. So stepping back a minute to look at this from the one undeniable reason we are in Iraq…. ~$300 Billion invested so far in maintaining the oil flow, so we can continue to be even more depended on oil. Hmmm, what if we took that $300 Billion of invested it to a US government funded stategic initiative to develop alternative fuels and elimiate out dependence on oil. Oh and btw, the oil it going to run out sooner or later.
    Just something to think about. 😉

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