Black Hawk Down – The "Game"

blackhawk Wow, awesome, killer !!! Black Hawk Down, the game for the PC is out. Great action and it’s almost realistic. Hey, that’s right, it’s based off a movie by the same name. Good movie, lots of shooting, dying, blood spurting and of course, stuff blowing up.

Oh wait, the movie was based off a real incident, of a Black Hawk helicopter going down. Aren’t you gamers all lucky that after you get shot, you can just step away from the keyboard or push the pause button. But for those that were in the real line of fire, they didn’t have a keyboard to step away from, they just got to fly back home on a C141 or C5 into Dover (Dover,DE is where all the bodys from overseas are flown to).

So next time when you’re shooting it up, racking up the body count and reveling in your shooting skill, just pause a moment to think about those who won’t be going out for a beer after they’ve had their pause button pressed. Enjoy your glamorous games …