It's here !!!, It's here !!!…well almost…

vistaWindows Vista, the OS formally known as Longhorn is now in Beta1. To be released sometime in 2006..7..8. BTW, what’s that guy looking for on the horizon?

Welll, it’s good to be an MSDN Universal subscriber:-) Downloaded and installed last night (under VMware of course). I’ll have to wait for VMware to post a fix, as networking does not work, topic is on VMTN. But anyway, after all these years, couldn’t Microsoft get together some better looking 3D icons or something? Still looks aged and weathered vs. Mac OSX.

BTW, to start a legal issue, which will probably come up on Groklaw, is Windows Vista infringing on the name since EMC just released InVista, the name of their storage virtualization product?

Oh, hey, IE7 now has tabbed browsing.