CBC News: British PM cracks down on extremism

* Allowing Britain to deport anyone who fosters hatred, or advocates violence to further beliefs, or justifies acts of violence.
* Making it an offence to condone or glorify terrorism.
* Automatically refusing asylum to anyone who has participated in extremist violence anywhere.
* “Better integration” for people living in Britain who are “presently inadequately integrated.”
* A new power to order the closure of any place of worship that is used as a centre for fomenting extremism.
* Creating a list of those not suitable to preach who will be barred from Britain.
* Compiling an international database of individuals whose activities or views pose a threat to Britain’s security.

Now, if America could adopt some of these principles, we’d be a better off country. But then again, half the population in the southern states would dissappear. Someday….maybe someday…

CBC News: British PM cracks down on extremism