MacOSX to be renamed Mac86X

apple86 Well, a bit late on this news but Apple is moving to the x86 platform. Don’t get too excited because you won’t be able to run it on a regular x86 machine. It will require a special chip. But have no fear, I’m sure the community will provide a work around, and Apple, sooner or later, will be pressured to release an OS only platform, unbundled from their hardware (one hopes anyway). There’s a new wiki up, for those who want to track the progress of Mac86X.

2 thoughts on “MacOSX to be renamed Mac86X

  1. As a Apple stock holder, I am extremely happy to see Steve Jobs finally see the light on this matter. However, the happiness is bitter-sweet, as it would see good-ole Steve cannot fully let go of his propietary ‘good own everything’ mentality.
    The reference to ‘the community’ – Apple does not seem at all scared to sic it army of lawyers on it own customers and advocates. You would think, they would take a hint from SCO – this is not a good thing. Apple on the verge of positioning themselves in the same proprietary light with Microsoft and Sun.

  2. If Apple is not careful, they may very well end up being the “Sun” of the desktop world. At some point, the iPod will fade, or not grow as fast, and they’ll have nothing to fall back on

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