Iran nuclear plant restarts processing uranium, UN bans Ice Cream sales to Iran ….

Well, the light switch has been flipped back on at the enrichment facility plant in Iran. the US-EU coalition against the spread of bad stuff will probably ask the ever crippled and sometimes useless United Nations to provide sanctions against Iran. Then after that fails, we’ll reprioritize the Axis of Evil list. At least we know for sure that Iran has WMD’s. And if we look really hard, we’ll find the missing Iraqi WMD’s there also.
Iran nuclear plant restarts processing uranium – World – Times Online

2 thoughts on “Iran nuclear plant restarts processing uranium, UN bans Ice Cream sales to Iran ….

  1. Think you meant ‘axis’ rather than ‘access’. 😉

    On the comment on the UN, what sort of world organization would you propose to address global stability? Granted I will not argue that the current UN structure is over half a century old and needs improvement and possible restructuring – but I am curious to understand what an logical alternative might be. I think the Bush Administration has ampily proven that the US cannot do this successfully own its own. 300 Billion dollars later, we have very much unsuccessfully resolve the issues in Iraq, and one could argue created a much worse terrorist issue than before we invaded. The actions regarding the North Korean situation have been to stick our heads in the sand and hope it goes away. With the Iranian situation, we seemingly offshored the responsibility to the EU.
    If the appointment of John Bolton to the UN is Bush’s way of shaking up the UN in an attempt to improve it, I will put aside my initial reservations. Send his ‘not-so-nice-self’ up there and kick some of those UN folks in the ass.
    ….but do something, besides claiming success where there is none, and ignoring everything else and hope it goes away.

  2. A world organizationt hat I would propose would be one that is functional. Either separate the Security Council from the UN and make it a separate organization (relegating the UN to humanitarian and peace keeping efforts) or somehow shake up the UN so it has a backbone supported by the permanent security council members. How can this be don, haven’t a clue, that’s what our politicians are for.

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