U.S. U.S.
The 4,600 members of the Transit Workers Union Local 234 rejected a contract that raised salaries and had them pay 5 percent of their health-insurance premiums. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, which runs the city’s transit system, says its health-care costs climbed 15 percent the past three years and will rise 19 percent this year.

The union failed to gain public support with a $70,000 television advertising campaign. The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News, the city’s two biggest newspapers, published editorials criticizing the strike. Comments on local Web sites ripped the union for inconveniencing SEPTA’s 400,000 riders.

Have unionized workers that work for municipalities and the federal goverment become so compalcent and disconnected with the rest of working society that they have absurd demands such as 100% healthcare? Stay tuned for my upcoming healthcare rant in another post.