Sock it to your IPod !!!

ipodsockHow about a custom sock to put your Ipod in. Only $29 for a six pack. But oddly, none of the colors match so you can have a pair in case you have an emergency and need to cover your feet, which would obviously stretch the sock. Read the customer reviews on from the Apple website here. Apparently, people that have bought them were expecting a lot more for @29.

My favorite comment from the site:
“I would want to tell people that think that these socks are nothing but a waste of money that they should reconsider. I have bought these the same time i bought my iPod from the only Apple dedicated reseller in Romania and they are soooo great! I can… Read more > take my iPod out for a walk and, if i end up in a fast food restaurant and i want to take him out of my pocket, i don’t have to worry about dirt and scratches. And if the socks get dirty, i can always put them in the washing machine 🙂 Speaking of which, i shoud really wash my green sock tommorow 😀 “