– Young Americans geographically challenged – Young Americans geographically challenged
WASHINGTON (AP) — Despite the wall-to-wall coverage of the damage from Hurricane Katrina, nearly one-third of young Americans recently polled couldn't locate Louisiana on a map and nearly half were unable to identify Mississippi.

Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 fared even worse with foreign locations: six in 10 couldn't find Iraq, according to a Roper poll conducted for National Geographic.

• One-third of respondents couldn't pinpoint Louisiana on a map and 48% were unable to locate Mississippi.

• Fewer than three in 10 think it important to
know the locations of countries in the news and just 14% believe
speaking another language is a necessary skill.

• Two-thirds didn't know that the earthquake that killed 70,000 people in October 2005 occurred in Pakistan.

• Six in 10 could not find Iraq on a map of the Middle East.

• While the outsourcing of jobs to India has
been a major U.S. business story, 47% could not find the Indian
subcontinent on a map of Asia.

• While Israeli-Palestinian strife has been in
the news for the entire lives of the respondents, 75% were unable to
locate Israel on a map of the Middle East.

• Nearly three-quarters incorrectly named English as the most widely spoken native language.

• Six in 10 did not know the border between
North and South Korea is the most heavily fortified in the world.
Thirty percent thought the most heavily fortified border was between
the United States and Mexico.

 But they can tell you who's the finalists are on American Idol and what Brittany Spears had for breakfast. Truly, a sad, sad state of affairs. The second bullet is pretty much in like with the ultra-right beliefs.