BBC NEWS | Europe | Putin warns on population decline

How he had the ability to lump in an arms race with population decline in the sape paragraph is beyond me. But hey, bring back the good old days of the cold war. "Remember to Duck and Cover". I'm going long on Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon myself, best poised to benefit from a new arms race. But is ir fair to say that our defense budget is 25 time that of Russia, if we have a much higher GDP, and our hammers, coffee pots and HMMV's cost way more that "normal"? 

So here is Russia's plan. Increase the birthrate to have a broader tax base, to fund a bigger military to be staffed and operated by the increase in the population, and increase their chances of survival after the next major fallout. Sounds like a plan to me. And to think, we want to get rid of our "undocumented workers". We need them to stay ahead of the Russians. You can't count on the white man in America, they have low sperm count, and only product 2.3 children. We need a masive buildup, and what better way than importing from south of the border. We'll solve many problems at once, instant population buildup, increased tax base, a larger military, double digit returns on my long holdings of defense stocks (hey, it's all about my beach house), and did I mention the food? Just awesome. 

But seriously, Russia now has under 143 milion people, and is loosing 700,000 people per year due to immigration (out of the country), high mortality and lower birth rates. Let’s address one issue, people aren’t going to stay in Russia if there is an opportunity for a better life elsewhere, and they have the means to leave Russia. With now real democracy and hope, no real freedom and opportunity, there is no plan that can be put in place to turn around Russia’s population misfortune.
When true reforms take place, when people feel safe and see opportunities, they’ll be willing to stay in Russia and have families. Short of bringing back the Communists and shooting people in the back while trying to flee the country, Russia has little hope of turning this around.

Just a little sarcasm to start my day, you can read the full article below on the link. 

BBC NEWS | Europe | Putin warns on population decline
Mr Putin also said Russia should follow America's suit and spend more on its army to be able to defend itself.

He described the US as a "fortress", saying its defence budget was "almost 25 times that of Russia's".

We must, at least, stimulate the birth of a second child
Vladimir Putin

Russia looks to its fathers

"Their [America's] home is their castle – well done! It means we should build our own house strongly and reliably," Mr Putin said.

He also warned that it was "premature to speak of the end of the arms race" in the world, saying that in fact it was "going faster" and was rising to "a new technological level".