News: Qantas says no to Dell Laptops on its flights –

Call Quantas paranoid, but they’re the only major airline to never…never have a accident. Can this be considered technical descrimnation? You know there’s an american lawyer waiting to sue on the grounds of religeous intolerance for those that love their Dell laptops (should be few in numbers though)

Qantas issued an advisory to all passengers on its flights on the safe use of Dell notebooks following the recall of 4.1 million batteries.

This advisory has been issued by Qantas airlines giving utmost importance to safety on its flights.

Although passengers are allowed to carry their Dell laptops as checked or cabin baggage, they are not allowed to use them on batteries. These laptops can only be used on the power sockets available in some first and business class cabins, only after their batteries have been removed from the laptop.

Qantas said cabin crew would be advising passengers of the measures which apply to any computer affected by the recall, that has not yet had the battery replaced.

One passenger who flew out of Canberra on a Qantas flight on Monday reported that he and his colleagues had encountered security personnel removing the batteries from all Dell computers, and taping up the contact points on the battery. “They stopped me at the security gate where I was told I couldn’t use my Dell laptop on the plane. I told them it wasn’t one of the affected units but they said all Dell batteries had to be taped according to an agreement between Dell and Qantas,” said Mitch Denny, a technology consultant, who frequently travels for business. Dell notebooks are a very popular choice for many corporations, and Mr Denny said he had felt a little “penalised” by his choice of laptop.
News: Qantas says no to Dell Laptops on its flights –

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