My Beef with the Iranian President …

iran Damnit, will somebody get this guy a suit? If you’re gonna rant on with nonsense, at least look good doing it. Everytime I see this guy he has the same jacket, $11.68 from Walmart. Hey due, follow the lead from the other tyrants out there. Even Saddam had some style while slaughtering tens of thousands. Id like to recommend Canali, great Italian tailoring, and you couldn’t look better. And they have a great sportswear line, for when you are in your casual killing mode. So when you’re spurring your nonsense about whiping Isreal off the map, at least have the decency to look sharp. Oh, and by the way, you need to trim up that mess you call a beard.

For his latest tyrade, click the link below….
Ahmadinejad: Israel led by ‘terrorists,’ has no reason to exist –

One thought on “My Beef with the Iranian President …

  1. Ah come on, that is are least a Target or TJMax special. However, great point, and good post.
    Review the spelling though, you bizzaro speak is starting to exceed mine.

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