The iPhone is here, the iPhone is here !!!!

It’s a iPod, it’s a phone, it’s wireless internet.

I was waiting for the new Palm Treo from Cingular to launch. Done waiting, found my new phone. Although I have a ton of rollover minutes with Cingular right now, whichever provider is first with the iPhone is the one for me. Know me though, I’ll get it then want something else in less than a year.

4 thoughts on “The iPhone is here, the iPhone is here !!!!

  1. It is only a 2G phone, costs too much and uses the crappy EDGE data network from Cingular…..but i gotta have one.  ;-)Oh….and ya gotta wait six months.

  2. No 3G, now that sucks. I also notice that it doesn’t mention anything about a camera phone. And no hardrive. Maybe Gen2 will it come with those features. That seems to be all that it’s missing.

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