Enough Already

How many people are actually being taken in by these schemes? If you’re this gullible and blinded by greed, then I guess this email is for you. I’m really getting tired of these. The sad thing is that I saw on the news, that older Americans are actually falling for these schemes, to the 10’s of thousands of dollars…


This is an email from the desk of Rac Plc in the United Kingdom, also know as Great Britain. We would like to know if you would be interested to work for us, as a part-time job, which would not disturb your current job.We have our company here in U.K and we deal on Car Buying, Car care,Insurance, Training on how to drive, Loans and leasing, Motorcycle services and so many more.

We have few client from the USA/CANADA, California, Florida, New York,Ontario, Quebec and so many other states in the USA/CANADA, but we have been having problems with most of our clients from USA/CANADA When it comes to payment because most of them prefare to pay via Money Order or Travelers check which cannot be cashed easily here.So we are looking for a trust worthy person who will be helping us with the payment issued out by our clients inform of Money Order or Travellers check since payment like that can be easily cashed in the United State.

We can easily track anybody that runs away with our money through the help of the interpol and the FBI.We are also planning on establishing a new branch in the USA/CANADA,very soon, but we really need a representative that we would trust and have believed in.

The payment are going to come via Check or Money Orders,so all you need do is as soon as you get the check/Money Orders, you just take it to your bank cash it and deduct the 10% of the money and send the rest to us via money gram or western union.If you are interested, we would require your full name, address andmphone numbers where we can reach you and also provide us details of where you work and your position in your work place.We do hope to hear from you as soon as possible,Thanks and await your response.

Jon Walter.
RAC Motoring Services or RAC Insurance Limited
Registered Nos. 01424399 and 2355834
RAC House
1 Forest Road
Felt ham, Middlesex

TW13 7RR, United Kingdom