Blu-Ray and HD-DVD Volume ID found

Volume ID found!! (now Blu-Ray and HD DVD) (+instructions) – Doom9’s Forum
When will these media companies learn that DRM is counter productive and obviously costly to them. How much time, cost  and effort has gone into protecting Blu-Ray and HD-DVD? When what follows is a few folks on teh net cracking it, before the formats are even wide spread? I think people will stop copying movies when there’s no benefit to it, when it’s not worth their time. For example, I now use Netflix, I pay a flat fee to see three movies at a time. I hope these companies will take it to the next level, an internet based subscription. Say for $30 per month, stream as much as I want to watch, in HD quality of course. So until you get to that point, don’t look for me to speak bad about these hackers, and don’t look for me to support your strong handed efforts.