EMI issues profit warning as US sales collapse | The Guardian | Guardian Unlimited

EMI issues profit warning as US sales collapse | The Guardian | Guardian Unlimited The pressure on EMI chief executive Eric Nicoli intensified yesterday as the music group, home to Robbie Williams and Coldplay, issued a shock profit warning, its second in as many months, prompting a fresh wave of speculation about its future.

Oh boy here we go. The RIAA is gonna go all out now. Their revenue stream is shrinking, time to sue some more 12 year olds and a couple of grandmothers. Let me help you EMI understand what is happening.

  1. Your artists, a majority of them are just recycled sounds with no in-depth material, and it’s getting old. Return with quality artists that play instruments, write their own music and produce their own works, and if I like it, I’ll buy it, as long as you can comply with #2
  2. DRM, we’re not playing by those rules when we purchase music. If I purchase it, I should have the right to listen whenever, wherever and however I choose.
  3. $16 for a CD? You kidding me? Remember the move from vinyl to CD, you said the move would make music cheaper. Uh, what happened?
  4. Downloadable music in better formats. While the MP3 format may suit many with iPods and the like, audiophiles want lossless quality formats to download
  5. Where are the DVDAudio, DTS and SuperAudio recordings? Generic CD stereo is so 20th century…

When you, and other labels actually start to listen to your customers, your fortunes will change. And if you’re an artist reading this, find a label that’s not affiliated with RIAA, where you’re willing to work on a equitable solution between yourself and your fans.