Hitachi's RFID powder freaks us the heck out – Engadget

rfidHitachi’s RFID powder freaks us the heck out – Engadget As if the various other permutations and teensyness of RFID weren’t wild enough, here comes Hitachi with its new "powder" 0.05mm x 0.05mm RFID chips. The new chips are 64 times smaller than the previous record holder, the 0.4mm x 0.4mm mu-chips, and nine times smaller than Hitachi’s last year prototype, and yet still make room for a 128-bit ROM that can store a unique 38-digit ID number. The main application is likely to be anti-counterfit, but since the previous mu-chips could be embedded into paper quite easily enough, we’re fairly certain Hitachi is just doing this for bragging rights and potential pepper shaker mixups. Hitachi should have these on the market in two or three years.

Oh this is really freaking me out. Boy, can the government use this one. Think how this can be planted on anyone, without a court order. Not just tapping your phones, but probably implanted so the government can track almost your every move. When you go through security at an airport or wherever. Hitachi says it won’t be fully available for another two or so years. I don’t think Bush can wait that long, he needs it now !!!