Anheuser-Busch under fire for Web site

Anheuser-Busch under fire for Web site – Twenty-three attorneys general have written to Anheuser-Busch Cos., asking the brewer for better tools to make sure underaged viewers aren’t accessing its new Bud.TV site. The Web site launched earlier this month after the Super Bowl broadcast and streams beer-themed shows, sports events and musical acts 24-hours a day on the Internet. In the letter the attorneys general "strongly encourage" Anheuser-Busch use a more effective age-verification tool. While Bud.TV asks for a name, zip code and birth date to check public records and verify the user’s age, the attorneys general said that any underage youth who knows basic information about an adult could plug it in to access the site. They request that at a minimum people should have to enter their name and full address, or a driver’s license number, exactly as it appears on a government-issued ID before a person could access the site. They propose several other possible safeguards, like sending a postcard to the home or making a phone call to check that a legal-aged adult, and not a child below the drinking age, is checking out the site.

So these attorney generals now want people to have to prove who they are, entering personal information such as driver’s license information? So that information can then end up being sold or stolen? Hey, here’s a thought, how about requiring some parental involvement….