German Muslims Seething at Carnival Parade

paradeThose darn Germans are at it again. Pissing off anyone who are not them 😉 I do have to say though, pretty comical looking. I can see why they’re offended. Not because of the characters, but the way they are portrayed and what message it sends. Oddly enough, major papers didn’t carry the image of this one float, only one in Denmark dared to print it. I guess sensitivity and religion have pretty much shut down the presses. BTW, I wonder if these Germans would have been upset if a float of Hitler was made a paraded down the street.

lgf: German Muslims Seething at Carnival Parade During this year’s carnival parades in Germany (originally a Roman Catholic tradition), some of the contestants in the float competition decided to depart from the standard bashing of Bush, America, and German politicians, and built a float that has the German Islamic front groups seething.
A Muslim leader criticized a float in the city of Dusseldorf that satirically suggested Islam was not peaceful. The float carried two identical cartoon-style papier-mache figures, each wearing a suicide-bomber’s belt and carrying a dagger and a pistol. The first was labelled ‘the cliche,’ the second was labelled ‘the reality.’ Both scowling figures were labelled ‘mullahs,’ a term used to describe both Shiite and Sunni clergy. The float was part of a carnival parade watched by more than half a million people in the western city of Dusseldorf. ‘This hasn’t got anything to do with humour,’ said Aiman A Mazyek, general secretary of the National Council of Muslims in Germany. ‘The message it gives me is: ‘We love our prejudices, we’ll stand up for them, even if they are flagrantly untrue.” However ‘as a born-and-bred Rhinelander, I wouldn’t get too upset about it,’ said Mazyek. ‘I’m sure most of the revellers don’t want to spread anti-Islam cynicism.’