Cuba's known for cigars now, but oil could change that –

Cuba is now an imminent threat to the security of the United States, tehy have been added to the Axis of Evil, and this regime must be removed. What’s ironic is that they’ll be drilling about 100 miles from the Florida coast. Look for ExxonMobile to be setting up a foreign owned shell company…

Cuba’s known for cigars now, but oil could change that – One day soon — possibly before the end of this year — an oil rig will maneuver into position in waters less than 100 miles from the coast of Florida. A drill will plunge into the inky sea and begin chewing its way into the ocean floor, hunting for oil. But the drilling rig won’t belong to an American company, and any petroleum it discovers won’t do a thing to curb the USA’s addiction to foreign oil. Instead, any new sub-sea gusher will belong to Cuba. That’s right: Cuba. The island nation long has been known for its aromatic cigars and sweet rums. But after years of limited oil production on lands around Havana and in neighboring Matanzas province, Cuba is poised for a significant expansion of its oil program into the waters that separate it from the United States. And thanks to U.S. law, Cuba’s drilling partners will be working closer to Florida beaches than any American company ever could. "Our studies … have shown there is a great potential, especially offshore," says Dagoberto Rodriguez, the senior Cuban diplomat in the USA. "Basically, we know that there is oil. The problem is just where it is."

This next statement by the way, conflicts with my earlier post of the proof of God by Linux issue.

The Cuban oil fields were formed more than 50 million years ago in a slow-motion collision between Earth’s tectonic plates, which entombed pulverized rocks, animals and plants. Over subsequent millennia, the resulting stew cooked into buried petroleum deposits, says Christopher Shenk, a geologist at the USGS in Denver.

But back on topic…

Before Castro’s 1959 revolution, U.S. oil companies such as Esso and Amoco carried out preliminary explorations. The following year, Cuba nationalized refineries belonging to Exxon, Texaco and Shell ( (RDSA,RDSB), and U.S. industry hasn’t been back since.

Oh…but we will return…we will return.