Anna Nicole's mom appeals burial ruling – I have a solution

Anna Nicole’s mom appeals burial ruling – For a little while, it looked as if Anna Nicole Smith, whose body has been held in a Florida morgue since her death two weeks ago, could finally be laid to rest. But lawyers for Smith’s mother, Virgie Arthur, said they filed an appeal to a decision Thursday granting custody of Smith’s body to her 5-month-old daughter, Dannielynn, by way of her court-appointed guardian. The appeal’s effect on an agreement to have Smith’s remains flown to the Bahamas for a private funeral and burial was unclear. After the ruling, Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead, who both claim to be the father of Dannielynn, stood together outside the Florida courtroom. Beside them was Smith’s mother. "We’re all working together," Birkhead said.

OK, I have an idea on how to solve all this. First, send the two potential fathers to the Maury Povich show for DNA testing, and in 72 hours, the results will be in and we’ll know who the father is. That was he can claim custody and steal the child’s money. Next, send them to the highest court of public opinion, The Jerry Springer Show, to fight it out on stage. Whoever has most of their cloths on after 20 minutes of screaming and fighting, wins the rights to bury Anna wherever they want. And we can have CNN and FoxNews cover it all with their professional journalism and integrity to news.

There, problem solved.