AP Wire | 03/02/2007 | Alleged California madam threatens to sell list of D.C. clients

A woman accused of running a prostitution service catering to men in the Washington area is threatening to sell her list of 10,000 clients to pay for her defense, as well as subpoena her clients to testify if the case goes to trial, her attorney said Friday. Oh yeah lady, drop the bomb. Release the list. I see Vegas betting all over this one because you know there are politicians involved.

  • Which party is most represented on the list, Republicans or Democrats
  • Which congressman has the most "visits"
  • How many women were not really 22 or over

AP Wire | 03/02/2007 | Alleged California madam threatens to sell list of D.C. clients WASHINGTON –  Deborah J. Palfrey, 50, of Vallejo, Calif., was indicted on federal racketeering charges this week in U.S. District Court in Washington. She did business in the area under Pamela Martin & Associates, advertising in newspapers, on Web sites and in the Yellow Pages. Federal authorities said the call-girl service, which had been operating since 1993, hired college-educated women to cater to men in hotels and homes in Washington and its Maryland and Virginia suburbs. In 13 years, the service employed 132 women, all at least 22 years old and who had other jobs, and generated about $2 million in income, they said. "Ms. Palfrey adamantly disputes the government’s claims of illegal behavior," according to her legal defense Web site, where she began seeking donations after the government raided her home in October. Authorities seized about $1 million worth of real estate and $500,000 in cash and stocks from Palfrey, said her attorney, Montgomery Blair Sibley. To raise money for her defense, Palfrey is considering selling her phone records dating to 1993. The records include the clients’ phone numbers, Sibley said.