According to Cheney….

cheney-mugCheney: Congress anti-war efforts undermine troops – Anti-war lawmakers in Congress are undermining U.S. troops in Iraq by trying to limit President Bush’s spending requests for military operations, Vice President Cheney said Monday. His remarks came as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid scheduled a Wednesday test vote on a resolution that calls for combat troops to leave Iraq by March 2008.

Well, he’s babbling again. Look Mr. Vice President, congress isn’t undermining the troops in Iraq. If anything, they are more supportive than your administration is. They’re not the ones sending troops with PTSD back into combat. They’re not the ones sending troops without adequate training and resources. They’re not the ones extending tours because you lacked an effective plan. they’re not the ones who neglected to properly fund the total cost of the war, being the medical care of our veterans upon returning home. They’re not the ones …..