'Reaganomics' pioneer faces jail term for fraud – Independent Online Edition > Americas

I guess you can’t apply Reaganomics to every aspect of your business….It didn’t work for the country back then and I guess it didn’t work for him directly today either.

‘Reaganomics’ pioneer faces jail term for fraud – Independent Online Edition > Americas Once he was the poster child of "Reaganomics", the workaholic whizz-kid who masterminded the trickle-down, supply side economic revolution launched by the 40th US President, before he spectacularly fell into disgrace with his boss. Now, however, David Stockman risks a far greater disgrace: conviction and a prison term for fraud, false accounting and obstruction of justice in the downfall of the car components company he ran before it went bankrupt in 2005. That strange circle was completed on Monday as Mr Stockman, 60,and three fellow defendants surrendered to a federal court in Manhattan. There, they entered not-guilty pleas to charges that carry a maximum of 30 years in jail. The alleged offences relate to the management of Collins & Aikman, which was acquired in 2001 by Heartland Industrial Partners, a private equity firm founded by Mr Stockman. Four years later, Collins & Aikman went bankrupt, brought down, as Mr Stockman claims, by the larger crisis engulfing the Detroit car-makers that were its prime clients.