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At long last, I’ve fixed the link for the RSS feed. So either the RSS link on the sidebar, or the RSS Feed link on the links section or drop this in your RSS reader:

5 thoughts on “My RSS Feed

  1. And I’m going to unsubscribe if you don’t start responding to your critics, emm… I mean commenters.
    We want responses, we want responses, we want responses…
    Hear the murmor T-Bone?

  2. Your RSS feed has been working for me in Google Reader for a while now, however, I do think I needed to reverse engineer it from the link on your blog.  I definately needed to reverse engineer the comments feed link from WordPress knowledge ( http:
    // sure who ME is above in the first comment, but he is correct – you do only et the first four or five ines of the post and then have to click to go to you blog.  However, one click does not bother me as much as it does him.  ;-)I do agree with Herschel though, you need to stay on top of comments…T-Bone.  (hehe)

  3. You know, I’m just glad the two of you are not in the same city. Having lunch with the two of you together? That would just suck….So I guess I’m going to have to stay on top of the comments, huh. Ok, I will. H2, I have three business day turnaround for comments.

  4. Ha… three business days for you is like getting the royal treatment. I remember waiting for endless days upon days for a mere "No" in an email.

  5. Oh yea, I expect some love at my site with a few comments. Although I may not write as well as the T-Bone, damit, I still want some comment lovin.

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