Linens n Things – George Foreman iGrill

igrillThe iGrill. Stop it, just stop it. Hooking up your iPod and playing it through the integrated speakers? has this "i" thing gone too far? Wait a minute, does it come in white?

Linens n Things – George Foreman iGrill Turn your backyard BBQ into an instant party with the iGrill from George Foreman. The iGrill has a 200 square inch nonstick grilling surface that is covered with Georges Tough Nonstick Coating. The included 10 watt speaker system plays your favorite tunes from your iPod, MP3 or other USB music system.

2 thoughts on “Linens n Things – George Foreman iGrill

  1. Crazy man…. iTHIS, iTHAT… iSCSI, iSAN, iCAR, iSPY, iRANT…
    Hey, Job’s always wanted us to live in his world… Next thing you know, Apple will copyright the letter "i" and where will our language be? Everytime you use the letter "i" you send Apple like a penny?

  2. Consumerism, dude.  Gotta make that current grill with all it bells and whistles feel inadequate. You should get one…you know ya want it.  😉

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