Pope summons Latin American bishops to stem church's decline – USATODAY.com

popePope summons Latin American bishops to stem church’s decline – USATODAY.com APARECIDA, Brazil (AP) — Pope Benedict XVI summoned his bishops from across Latin America to Brazil’s most holy landmark Sunday to direct them in the battle to keep Catholicism the dominant religious force in the region. While Brazil is the church’s biggest stronghold on the planet, millions of Roman Catholics have joined evangelical Protestant churches in recent years, and the church’s moral code is challenged across Latin America by traditionally Catholic populations flouting its prohibitions on abortion, divorce and premarital sex.

With your outdated views and waywardness, what do you expect? Your grip on governing humanity is coming to a close. One doesn’t have to follow your doctrine to believe in God or to follow Christ’s teachings. In fact, you’re in the way of people following Christ’s teachings. The middle-man is no longer needed. And never was.