Bush ranch exempt from 'Click It or Ticket' – USATODAY.com

Well, I think the president should have the right to not use a seatbelt because he’s the president. I fully support it. I also support his presidential right to drive very, very fast.  (Note to Justice Dept., I’m not advocating nor support the idea of any harm, just his personal rights…..I don’t want to end up on a private flight out of NC to Guantanamo Bay)

Bush ranch exempt from ‘Click It or Ticket’ – USATODAY.com President Bush found himself in a flap Tuesday about seat-belt use, a day after a federal agency began a campaign to encourage drivers to buckle up. Video cameras caught Bush without his seat belt while driving a pickup on his Texas ranch last weekend, giving a tour to NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer. White House spokesman Tony Snow declined to comment in detail on Bush’s driving habits but said, "We encourage everybody to wear their seat belts." He noted Bush was driving slowly at his ranch when the incident was taped.