Wolfowitz blames media for flap, resignation – USATODAY.com

Wolfowitz, yes, definitely a graduate of the Bush camp. He didn’t do anything wrong, complete denial. it was everyone else that caused this problem. Wolfowitz blames media for flap, resignation – USATODAY.com
LONDON (AP) — The outgoing president of the World Bank, Paul Wolfowitz, denied his actions were the reason for his departure and blamed an overheated atmosphere at the bank and in the media for forcing him to resign, in a radio interview broadcast Monday.

Wolfowitz, who has announced he will step down June 30, told the British Broadcasting Corp. that he was pleased the bank’s board accepted he had acted ethically, and in good faith in his handling of a generous compensation package for his girlfriend and bank employee Shaha Riza in 2005.

“I accept the fact that by the time we got around to that, emotions here were so overheated that I don’t think I could have accomplished what I wanted to accomplish for the people I really care about,” he said. Wolfowitz’s role at the bank had been controversial from the start.

By tradition, the United States — the bank’s biggest financial contributor — names an American to run the institution. President Bush’s selection of Wolfowitz in 2005 stunned many overseas, especially Europeans who were upset that the president would tap his No. 2 official at the Pentagon and a key architect of the Iraq war to run the bank.