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Wait a minute. We import catfish from China? Catfish??? Every southern state that has a lake, river or pond has catfish in it. And we have god only knows how many catfish farms are in America. And we have to ship catfish from half way around the world ??? What’s next, apple pie? Wait, hang on.

Tainted fish from China detained – USATODAY.com WASHINGTON (AP) — Imports of five species of farmed Chinese seafood will be detained until they can be shown free of potentially dangerous antibiotics, federal health officials said Thursday. RARE COMMENTARY: All exports are safe, Chinese official insists The Food and Drug Administration said it would detain three types of fish — catfish, basa and dace — as well as shrimp and eel after repeated testing has turned up contamination with drugs unapproved in the United States for use in farmed seafood. The announcement was the latest in an expanding series of problems with imported Chinese products that seemingly permeate U.S. society, from its playrooms to its prisons. Beyond the fish, federal regulators have warned consumers in recent weeks about lead paint in toy trains, defective tires and toothpaste made with diethylene glycol, a toxic ingredient more commonly found in antifreeze. All the products were imported from China.

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