ABC News: FBI, IRS Search Home of Sen. Ted Stevens

tedI guess they’re looking for some stolen vacuum tubes, a bridge to nowhere, and most importantly, millions of taxpayers dollars hiding in a pigs belly somewhere. It’s about time. Oh how sweet it would be to see this one fall. But not to fear, the Justice Dept. won’t do anything, they’re too busy trying to clean up after Alberto …..

ABC News: FBI, IRS Search Home of Sen. Ted Stevens Agents from the FBI and Internal Revenue Service on Monday searched the home of U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens, an official said. Investigators arrived at the Republican senator’s home in Girdwood shortly before 2:30 p.m. Alaska time, said Dave Heller, FBI assistant special agent.  Justice Department Heller said he could not comment on the nature of the investigation. The Justice Department has been looking into the seven-term senator’s relationship with a wealthy contractor as part of a public corruption investigation.