Russian Navy counts on new ICBM in '08 –

Well, maybe we do need to extend the Seawolf submarine program. Besides, what else do we have to spend our money on besides another arms race. At least it’s with our old, predictable friends….

Russian Navy counts on new ICBM in ’08 – MOSCOW (AP) — The Russian Navy plans to commission a new intercontinental ballistic missile next year after completing its tests, its chief said Sunday. Adm. Vladimir Masorin said that the Navy was to conduct another two test launches of the Bulava-M missile this year and complete its testing program next year, Russian news wires reported. "We have no doubt that the testing of the Bulava-M missile system will be completed successfully," Masorin said, according to the Interfax news agency. "We have no other alternatives. We hope that the missile will be adopted by the Navy in 2008." President Vladimir Putin has hailed the Bulava as a key component of the nation’s nuclear forces for years to come and boasted about its ability to penetrate any prospective missile defenses. However, three consecutive test launches of the Bulava last year ended in failure, raising doubts about the missile’s future. The failures threatened to derail government plans for commissioning new submarines, the first of which was to join the navy next year.