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TWC has several packages that is you want a particular one, you have to subscribe to other packages as well. But by browsing through the different packages, we’ve determined that we only want three packages, HD, HD Suite and FAmily Choice. So why oh why can’t we just subscribe to the packages that we want and not have to subject ourselves and pay for channels and packages that we’ll never view? TWC will say that it would cost the consumer more if we get an a-la-cart service because they have to purchase the programming in bulk based on the amount of subscribers overall, or something like that. Well there’s a way to fix that. This is where Congress can be useful. Content providers can only charge the cable/phone companies based on the amount of subscribers that actually select their programing. So if for example, one million people subscribe to HGTV, then TWC pays based on that subscription amount.
High Definition
201 UNC (PBS) HD
222 WLFL (CW) HD
228 WRDC (MyNetwork) HD
280 Discovery HD Theater
281 TNT HD
285 HBO East High Definition
286 Showtime High Definition
289 ESPN2 High Definition
411 HBO HD
451 Showtime High Definition

HD Suite
291 MOJO
292 MHD
293 HD Net
294 HDNET Movies
295 Universal HD
299 Movies on Demand HD
502 Movies on Demand HD

Family Choice**
350 Boomerang
351 Nickelodeon Games & Sports
352 The Disney Channel
353 Toon Disney
354 Discovery Kids
357 The Science Channel
358 Do it Yourself Network
359 HGTV: Home & Garden Television
360 Food Network
361 FIT TV
362 La Familia Cosmovision
365 CNN Headline News
366 The Weather Channel
367 C-SPAN 2
368 CSPAN 3

One thought on “Time Warner Cable

  1. Hah, it is a total mess.
    I just moved and have had a high definition T.V.  for a while, but until I moved didn’t have a HD package. Well, when I got to my new place of residence wanted to purchase HD. I found out that the next big screw in cable is with high definition TV. I’m getting screwed and having to pay a preminum. Yea, they bundle a bunch of channels with HD which means you get a bunch of shit with eight great channels. Because let me tell you something, once you go HD, it is hard looking at standard definition.
    The cable company should allow ALA-Cart purchasing, but they never will. They know if they do that you’ll choose 20-30 SD channels and 15 HD channels. It is not revenue supporting to give customers choice.

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