YouTube – Carolina Chocolate Drops

I’ve been listening to these folks for a while now as I first heard of them on where else? Public Radio of course,WUNC.
CCD is a black group of string musicians playing the old-time sounds of the Piedmont area of North Carolina. Definitely a dying breed of music, they are keeping it alive, and it’s refreshing. I’m missed them at the Durham Blues festival a few weeks ago, but I’m not missing them this time. I’ll post my predictable positive review after the show this Friday night.
Carolina Chocolate Drops Website

YouTube – Carolina Chocolate Drops

And this brings up an issue I wanted to blog about, which I will go into a full tirade in another post, but it deals with African-Americans and the loss of our musical culture. If you ever go to a Jazz, Blues of Folk concert, where’s my people in the audience? Actually, if it’s a commercial Smooth Jazz fest with a sax player just doing scales, we’ll show up. But that’s about it. Yes, I know I’m being critical, but it just troubles me that so much of our musical heritage and history is being lost or forgotten.