BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Radiohead fans to pick album cost

Now this is what record labels really fear, a real market based economy of music. First, you can bet that I will be purchasing the new Radiohead CD via download. And I’m willing to pay more than $1 per song, which most of it will go to the artist instead of a record company that provides me no added value. I’m sure Radiohead will allow me to play the CD I’ve purchased on any media device I want, make ringtones, or whatever. And I’m sure it will be DRM free. So, support artists that support music freedom and connect directly with their fans. If record labels want to survive, they’d better start thinking are restructuring their business models.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Radiohead fans to pick album cost
Radiohead fans will be able to choose how much to pay for the band’s next album, In Rainbows, which is available for download on 10 October.
Instead of listing a price for the music, the group’s website simply states “it’s up to you” – and then adds: “No really, it’s up to you.”

The announcement was made online by guitarist Jonny Greenwood.

Fans can buy the download or a £40 “discbox”, which includes two CDs, two records, plus artwork and booklets.

Critical acclaim

This will be Radiohead’s seventh album, but they are not using a record label, having fulfilled their contract with EMI following their 2003 album Hail to the Thief.

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  1. This will not curtail MP3 copying.
    Until the world lives in Startrek economics, there will be no equity. However, already does this type of music distribution.
    Pretty cool…

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