Jamaica Soon to be Ultimate Spring Break Location

You think the Atlanta and Miami international terminals are busy now. Just wait if this takes effect. Spring Break, Madi-Gras, Hallowween, or damn-it just any reason to party, Jamaica will be the destination. If anyone knows, I’m looking for a good Jamaican Resort Mutual Fund to invest in. It should make about %25 a year.

Jamaica considers legalising cannabis : thewest.com.au Jamaica is considering the legalisation of marijuana, a drug revered by members of the islands large Rastafarian population who say smoking it is part of their religion. A seven-member government commission has been researching possible changes to the Caribbean nations anti-drug laws, which some police complain are clogging courts and jails with marijuana-related cases, a government official said. "We have discussed it, and we are preparing a report to present to the prime minister," said Deputy Prime Minister Kenneth Baugh.