Cash Struggle Continues for Clinton, Filings Show – New York Times

Cash Struggle Continues for Clinton, Filings Show – New York Times even though Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton raised $21 million in March, her campaign continues to struggle with a cash squeeze as her unpaid bills mount and she spends more money than she is taking in, according to new campaign finance filings. Blog The Caucus The latest political news from around the nation. Join the discussion. Candidate Topic Pages More Politics News Mrs. Clinton, of New York, currently has $10.3 million in outstanding primary debts but only $9.5 million available to cover them, leaving an $800,000 shortfall at the end of March. In February, the Clinton campaign had unpaid bills of $8.7 million and $11.7 million in cash. By comparison, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, who raised $42 million in March, had $43 million in cash for the coming primaries and a campaign debt of less than $660,000 at the end of March. Mr. Obama is spending 75 cents for every dollar he is taking in; Mrs. Clinton is spending $1.10.

So based on how the candidates manage their campaign cash flow, clearly Senator Clinton shows that she will not be able to manage the nations budget. If she can't handle her campaign finances, how will she spend those tax dollars coming into the treasury?