Hillary is right, W.V. won't vote for Obama

This video says it all. Sen. Clinton is right, Obama won’t do well with working class whites. Actually, she should have said the whole truth that Obama won’t do well with the bigoted, uneducated, backwards thinking whites of West Virginia, the least educated state in the union. Frankly, watching this video just makes me both sad and angry.

So it really comes down to this you folks from West Virginia. You have a choice to make.

Option #1, you can have a black man as president and in return you can get universal health care coverage, jobs, higher salaries, and a focus on education, and some dignity too.

Option #2, you can have a white president to reflect the name of the whitehouse, but suffer with higher unemployment, loose your homes, have corporations finish stripping your mountain tops, and no health coverage so you can continue to live in debt with no end in sight.

But if you do choose option #2, I’m sure the Klan will help you by providing medical care, soup lines and homeless shelters. After all, they’re known for their giving and compassion.

So basically, I guess what I’m saying is, it’s your decision and you get the government you deserve…